Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Love of Family

God, thank you for your grace and your mercy - your faithfulness in the life of my family. Thank you for seeing us through our struggles to find a way in our own way that hopefully finds your way for us in this world. We have borne the burdens of worry, of even being tempted to doubt each other, but the faith that comes from you has held us together - the love you have for us has bound us together when it seemed we would fall apart.

And, we celebrate today, O Lord! We celebrate that love which is eternal, and we praise you from the depths of our lives. For you, O Lord, are the source of all goodness, the bringer of new life, the dreamer of a new reality. You continued to dream for us when we had quit dreaming for ourselves. In your grace and by your goodness we are dreaming again - dreaming again those wonderful dreams of faith, hope and love. Amen and Amen.