Monday, May 31, 2010

Almost hit a groundhog; almost caused a wreck

Sue and I were driving around Knoxville on Saturday, and on a pretty busy road, a car had slowed down almost to a stop in the right lane. I slowed down a little and all the sudden there was a little groundhog (a youth) right in front of my car. I stopped all the way, and the car behind me got pretty close to hitting me. And, both drivers that were stopped kept looking to see if the little groundhog had made it across the road. I looked back as we drove away and apparently he made it safe and sound.

I really hate hitting animals when I am driving. I have hit a squirrel or two and a possum once. I have had a lot of close calls on everything from deer to foxes to dogs to cats to cows to ginnies to turkeys, etc. But, I realized the last time I almost hit a dog that if I would just slow down a good bit, I would hardly ever hit any wildlife. I have done that - started driving a pretty slow pace on backroads about all the time. I enjoy it more, and I don't ruin the only chance at life that some little or big creature has. And, also if I slow down a little, then if I need to stop, I don't cause a wreck with a fellow human creature.