Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, looking forward to July 1

We have had to readjust our schedules at the Public Defender's Office, because several of our lawyers are going to be on vacation this summer. But, though I am not going to be on vacation much, I am going to be on vacation for at least one day, and that is July 1, the day my dear daughter is to arrive home from South Africa. We watched her walk through the airport gate on January 17, and haven't gotten to see her since, except for a little on Skype. God knows how much my wife and I are looking forward to July 1. I am supposed to cover court on July 1, but I told them that they will just have to figure that day out, because I am going to be at McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN on July 1 waiting for my daughter to get off that plane! Sue and I are going to want to go out onto the landing strip and wait, but I guess that might get us charged with a federal offense.

Everything to me is secondary to going to that airport on July 1. I have been so glad that Lisa has been able to live in such a wonderful and beautiful land as South Africa and meet so many people who have so much heart even amidst tough circumstances. But, my heart has felt partly empty these past five plus months with Lisa being so far away. But, I have learned something too. I have learned about distance and love; something that I have learned with my father's death. No force or power on this earth can separate you from those you really love in the depths of your heart! I think that's what Romans 8:38-39 is all about. Amen.